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I respond to a reader’s question with two ideas on how to improve my digital comic sales. Shout out to Indie Aisle for the digital conversions!

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I tried to livestream last night but technology and the weather conspired against me. So I recorded a non-streaming session and uploaded the timelapse of what I was planning on sketching. Also messing with a new coloring style which I may or may not continue to pursue. There’s no audio so please provide your own […]

Some thoughts on a potential market that I had never considered before. Links: Thor, the Mighty Avenger – Book 1, – Book 2, Mikey Bracco, Rumbirds, Morlock Enterprises,

On a very special episode of Glee this week (not so special), we were introduced to the concept of the “Asian F.” Really? Reeeeeeally? Here are my thoughts.

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A little review of the first ever Webcomics Con! Link attack: Mikey, Dern, Chris, And to see the final Super Art Fight from the convention, check out Hastings vs. Borkowicz!

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