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More Zbrush sketching! And here’s a timelapse:

Another one of my patent pending lists! There are three “M’s” in webcomics, Make ‘Em, Market ‘Em, Monetize ‘Em. Today, we’ll start with the first M, Make Em! It’s basically “Fuckin’ Do It” but with more words.

A quick update on what’s been going with my life that’s been keeping me away from my YouTube channel. Please give some love to Bryan Prindiville and his wonderful comic, Bedlam Court!

Do the thing! Make the thing! The only motivational system you’ll ever need! If you’ve got a project you need advice about, drop us a line at our facebook page: Here’s the website that will remind you to Fuckin’ Do It: We also have a tumblr:

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Since we did the 21 questions Asian People are sick of answering, I thought it’d be fun to come up with 21 questions Asian People would LOOOOOOVE to answer. So here goes (feel free to answer along with me even if you’re not Asian): 21. How was your weekend? 20. How do you like your […]