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Ah, the Scott Kurtz challenge.  The Strippers have an hour to write a tweet about five topics that are given to them: You’ve got new merch for Comic-Con. Some asshole is trolling you. Someone is stalking you on twitters. Someone sees you in the wild and makes fun of the way you look. Someone doesn’t […]

Ah, the dreaded interview challenge. Graham straight up lies to the Strippers and tells that they will be interviewed for an article about Strip Search.  In reality, they are asked a whole mess of personal and antagonizing questions that would NEVER come up in an interview about a comic unless you were doing a very […]

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The Stripper get a tour of Seattle on one of them cheesy Duck boat car thingies.  So of course there’s going to be a quiz afterwards.  When they returned home, the Strippers were asked a number of questions based on their tour.  Last time, the winner of the mini challenge got a “Redraw Ticket” which […]