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I won’t be able to stream any art tonight because I’ve got other plans. Actually, I haven’t been able to shoot anything this week since it’s been so busy, but I do have a new shirt up at Shark Robot. Little known fact, Tony Stark is a Master Chef! Shirt is on pre-order until November […]

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So I missed the Cyber Monday hyper shopping DX GO yesterday, but I’m making up for lost time! From now until Sunday, December 5, you can get 5% off your total order from Shark Robot. So if you’ve been waiting to pick up some Yellow Peril goodies for the holiday season, now’s your chance. Just […]

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This Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at Small Press Expo 2010! You can find me at F10: I’ll be selling Pandoom minis and a whole mess of Daruma pins along with these two 11″x6″ prints: Which were inspired by these two comics: Enter the Love Dragon and Tackle. If I have any left over, I’m […]

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Being a Gundam and Halo fan, I just couldn’t resist. Haro Chief is available at the YP MySoti store. So if you’ve got a Covenant or Zeon problem at home, Haro Chief can help you take care of that!

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A handful of people have been asking about Kane’s shirt and if they can buy it. Well now you can! Join the Rider Revolution with our first piece of Yellow Peril merch. The shirt is available in girl sizes as well and goes for $19.49 (American Apparel versions for $24.04). So to celebrate our first […]

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