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Fridays and Tuesdays are normally when I would use this space to write about Penny Arcade’s Strip Search webcomic reality show.  I missed last Friday’s episode because I was working on Book Kicker things.  And quite frankly, I didn’t miss it.  Today is elimination day and I just can’t bring myself to look up the […]

Today the Strippers “Paint the Line” and play table tennis. Probably should have seen this coming. Ping pong is kind of a Penny Arcade thing. The Strippers reflect on Abby’s victory over Erika.  I think Abby’s return scared a lot of them.  Not that the Strippers have written anyone off, but now they know Abby […]

It’s Abby vs Erika. Team Tangent vs Team Sexytime. Their topics, “mystery” and “naughty.” I don’t know Abby’s work, but this mashup is totally in Erika’s wheelhouse. Abby and Erika both decide to go the traditional route and draw on dead tree papers which is great to see. However, Erika switches to digital with only […]

Doing a twofer this time because I missed Friday’s update since I was at C2E2. Episode 17, “SS Grand Prix.” Sigh. This is the stupid part of the show which I always hate because it has nothing to do with comics which is the entire point of the bloody thing. Today, the Strippers compete in […]

It’s Maki versus Amy.  Their ideas, “mermaids” and “ukulele.” We finally learn what the Redraw ticket is for.  If a Stripper decides to cash it in, they get to pick another idea from the basket to replace either of the ones they’ve chosen. Once again, we don’t get nearly enough footage of the Strippers drawing. […]