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A short little review of Small Press Expo and a look at some of the stuff I got. Link time:

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Some thoughts on comics in general and the broad spectrum of genres that Small Press Expo and webcomics encourage. Oh, and if you missed it, I did a horribly painful live stream last night. I needed some lineart for a workshop I’m giving next weekend. Might try to schedule more of these, probably Tuesday and […]

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Since I spent my entire time at SPX behind my table, I thought I’d use this con report as a sort of case study of my experience. Some of these ideas may not apply to all conventions, but hopefully there will be something helpful here for aspiring creators. Also, my brain meats are soft and […]

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This Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at Small Press Expo 2010! You can find me at F10: I’ll be selling Pandoom minis and a whole mess of Daruma pins along with these two 11″x6″ prints: Which were inspired by these two comics: Enter the Love Dragon and Tackle. If I have any left over, I’m […]

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It’s official! I’m headed to Small Press Expo this year! I’ll be chillin’ with Yuko and Ananth. It’s my first SPX as an exhibitor so I’m really nervous and excited. I’ve got to get some stuff made for the con. I’m planning on doing a mini comic for the Expo which is actually already lettered […]

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