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I inherited my love of comics from my dad. He was a huge Marvel fan and when my brother and I found his old collection of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor comics, we were hooked. It never really occurred to me as I was growing up, but as I was about college age, I noticed […]

September was a goodly month to catch me out in the wild. It’s looking like November will be a good month for Jamie sightings as well! November 3, you can catch me in New Jersey at Wild Pig Comics for my first ever book signing! You’ll get three webcomics for the price of one! I’ll […]

If you live in New York and have seen this banner on Centre Street in Manhattan, then you have been stared down by Master Hare drawn by lil’ ol’ me! Master Hare is featured in a four page short story, Master Tortoise and Master Hare, written by Howard Wong and arted by me in the […]