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The Darkness is coming!


By popular demand, I've put up the Staple Gun Wars on a shirt! You have until October 27 to pre-order over at teespring.

Teespring is a crowdfunding platform like Kickpuncher except focused on apparel. I'm kind of curious to see if you guys really want this sort of thing. If it does well, I'll probably do more YP themed shirts.

So check it out over at teespring and tell all your friends!

↓ Transcript


I could tell you of the great battle centuries ago, how the Traveler was crippled.


A shot of the corner of a poster with the approval stamp.

KANE (Caption)

Postering at Maryland was fairly benign. As long as you got it approved by Resident Life, you were good to go.


A shot of someone stapling up a poster taking care not to cover the others.

KANE (Caption)

There was no official policy, but we all followed the code. Only cover a poster if the event was over.


Various campaign posters.

KANE (Caption)




Everyone stuck to the code, even during SGA elections which is usually a period of publicity fuckery.


Three members of the Go club is silhouette.

KANE (Caption)

And then, the Go Club.


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Jul.23.14 09:21 pm

Big shout out to Erin from Hiveworks for hooking up the new backend! Things work a little differently now. The bloggy blog will still be on the page even when you click over to make a comment on the comic. And there might be some other odds and ends that a slightly different. But overall, things should work like they have been.


Jul.23.14 02:18 am

The Hiveworks team is hard at work migrating the YP comic CMS into something less crazy then the Comicpress madness. As a result, you’ll notice a few 404′s if you click around here as well as comments missing on some posts. Those have been sucked into the new system and will be back up once we’re able to finalize the migration. Hopefully, everything will get sorted out soon.

I’ve been meaning to update the website for a while now, but the WordPress/Comicpress combo has too many pieces that I’d need to change in order to refresh everything. There are so many bits that are connected with so many other bits that it’d be like digging for gold to make the changes I want.

The new system is more streamlined which makes things easier for me and actually loads a whole lot faster which makes things easier for you! So please excuse the mess while things are a chugging.