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  Besides adding shading and such, I’m gonna mess with the timing so it’s a little more smooth.  Or maybe add in some more frames.  We’ll see.

It was a calm Sunday afternoon at Intervention full of the promise of a new tomorrow until McPedro and Puppy Cow decided they’d had enough of the calm. Thus began the 50 seconds of TERROR! Shout out to Tribe One for his amazing track, “Kaiju.” Get it now! Special thanks to our puppeteers Danielle Corsetto, […]

So excited! Puppy Cow is featured in the latest episode of Toy Break! So exciting! They’re running a contest right now to win your very own Puppy Cow. Thank you so much for the review!! Source: Toy Break

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Another episode of Monster Cutie is ready to make you the most saddest! You can buy your own Puppy Cow to host your own saddest competitions.

I finally finished the intro animation for my Puppy Cow series! Witness “Puppy With a Cow Udder” in its full animated glory! And check out Monster Cutie for the making of this silly thing.

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