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PSY’s followup to “Gangnam Style” is here and though it’s not as catchy, it’s still a worthy ear worm that will make you want to dance like a spaz.

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I never thought it would happen, but when I saw Psy shilling for pistachio’s during the Super Bowl, I was done with “Gangnam Style.” I was so upset that I walked out of the room. Fucking pistachios? I guess a paycheck is a paycheck, but I was hoping he’d avoid Tag Team’s fatal mistake. When […]

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This is Matt Rach doing a metaltastic cover of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” The laid back attitude mixed with the heavy riffs and minimalist video makes this cover absolutely perfect. Still not tired of it, especially when it inspires awesomeness like this!

It’s a scientific fact that food tastes better with a soundtrack. We forget this when we get older, but this toddler refuses to eat anything unless the most epic song is playing. Nope, still not tired of it!

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Nope, not tired of it yet. Remember, the key is to dress classy yet dance cheesey. I love Britney’s face when she sees PSY. Also, Simone saying that PSY’s brilliant is a gem. I only wish he got up there with Brit and Ellen. I also wish it was a longer segment and that Ellen […]

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