posted Jul.28.15 at 12:34 am

This is the last week of Hazel filler. Hopefully. I can't guarantee she won't be back, because she most likely will return when things get stupid busy. But I think I'll be able to manage things. Maybe. Haven't figured out yet if we'll be returning to some color or just black and white. I should have all that figured out by the time August rolls around.

Thank you all who have stuck with YP while there hasn't been any YP. I know I've had fun drawing Hazel in stuff, but it's fun to know that some of you enjoyed it as well.

Alright, back to the boards for me!

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The Shameful, Shameful Blog

Digital Inking in Photoshop

May.22.15 12:05 am

Another real-time tutorial. The digital inking tips apply to brush and pen inking as well, it's just easier for me to demonstrate in Photoshop.

Cel Shading Cutie Tutorial

May.05.15 06:22 pm

Been a while since I did one of these, but here's a cel shading cutie tutorial!



C2E2 2015 Quickie

Apr.30.15 03:14 pm

A very quick and dirty review of C2E2!

Shout out to Phil Chan of Digital Pimp for hooking me up with table space!


My Problem With the Live Action Ghost in the Shell

Feb.23.15 01:58 pm

Some thoughts on ScarJo and GITS.



Collaborate and Listen

Feb.06.15 03:20 pm

Some thoughts on collaboration.