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So apparently, the state Senate Judiciary Committee of Tennessee believes that if they prohibit teachers from talking about homosexuality in schools, they can completely ignore the issue of gay bullying. George Takei has the perfect solution. George Takei is officially my favorite human being. Source: It’s Okay to be Takei

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I really can’t stand the song in this video, but the sentiment is just so sweet I had to share. “Virginia is for Lovers” as the state moto says so on December 4, 2010, LGBT Individuals and Allies came together at the Artisphere in Arlington, VA for some holiday hugs and kisses! Such a perfect […]

Last Saturday, the LGBT community got a nice stocking stuffer for Xmas, the repeal of the U.S. military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Under the policy, service men and women who are gay were forced to hide their sexual orientation for fear of discharge from their chosen service. Imagine, a voluntary military force denying loyal […]