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LeSean Thomas’s Soul Sessions video documentary series of his time in Korea comes to an end with episode 5, “Putting it Together.” It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so glad he took us all with him. Seeing how an animated show is put together really gives me a new appreciation for some of my […]

More from LeSean Thomas’s “Soul Sessions” series. In this episode, he talks about the story boarding and coloring process for the Cannon Busters animation. Aspiring colorists, pay attention. Hell, anyone using color in their work, pay attention. Coloring is so important in modern comics and animation and I’m not just saying this as a former […]

LeSean Thomas has been working on his Cannon Busters graphic novel for ages. I remember getting the number 0 issue years and years ago written by LeSean and drawn by Corey Lewis. Since then, the project has been in development limbo as LeSean concentrated on his animation career. Now, it seems he’s coming back to […]

Should be no great surprise to see LeSean Thomas’s name up here once again. Here he is giving a TED talk about his experiences moving to Korea to get a broader perspective of the animation industry. If you have the fifteen minutes to spare, it’s an inspiring tail of successful failure.

Been a while since we heard about LeSean Thomas’s little Soul Sessions documentary, but here’s episode 1 where he talks about his move to South Korea. Pretty fucking ballsy to just up and move to Korea without knowing the language or having any friends. It’s really inspirational to see how far some are willing to […]

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