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More fan animations from official animators! Kwang Il Han of Studio Mir threw together this pencil test of Korra dancing to Sistar’s “Ma Boy” which you can find here. Seems like it’s only a matter of time before one of these K-Pop stars asks Studio Mir to animate a music video for them.

Did you have any doubt that airbenders go Gangnam style? It appears that the animators of The Legend of Korra are big fans of Psy! This little animation was done by Ryu Ki-Hyun who is a supervising producer for Nickelodeon! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!

It’s Friday! So you deserve a good ear worm! So I’ve been twitter bombing people with this video because it’s fucking epic! I fully expect to see Gangnam Style at all anime cons from here on out. And I hope this sparks off a lot of PSY cosplayers. The hair, the shades, the moves, perfection. […]

I’m so glad that Studio MIR recorded this behind-the-scenes footage of their work on Legend of Korra. No matter what anyone says about the story or whether or not it lived up to expectations, I think everyone can agree that Book 1 was beautifully animated. Now we get to meet the people behind all those […]

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AZM Ally Jeff Posey writes in with exceedingly awesome news. Because the fan swell for “Legend of Korra” is so great and because the website got over 100,000 likes and shares, the first two episodes will air March 24 online at! It’s Christmas in Spring!!!

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