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I am continually impressed with the quality of cosplay in the last few years. I don’t even know what half of this shit is, but it’s amazing to see how much loving work goes into each of these pieces. Makes me want to come up with something. This is Beatdown Boogie’s highlight reel of some […]

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I had a tremendous time at Katsuchan 17. It feels great to be back on the con circuit to meet new fans and fellow creators. There were aspects of the convention that seemed broken to me but I won’t dwell on those issues because the staff was abundantly aware of their shortfalls. Also, there was […]

Katsuchans has responded to our populist outrage with a further clarification of their fan art policy. Here are the new official rules as stated on the site as of Monday: Katsucon’s policy now and forever is to have zero tolerance towards copyright violations as part of any of our convention functions. This includes the Artist […]

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As long as Super Art Fight is involved with Katsucon in some form or another, I will most likely return to the convention year after year. However, if I were on my own and making up my con schedule for the new year, I’d seriously consider not returning to Katsucon until they lift their fan […]

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I’m going to start posting sketches and random art on the weekends mostly to motivate myself to do more arts in general. These will be the Weekend Wigglies! I was asked to provide some badge art for this year’s Katsucon. Since every anime con I’ve ever gone to has used fan art or official art […]

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