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“My eye! My eeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” My fucking brain!!!! I just watched episode 3 of K-Town. There. Congratulations LOUD. Mission accomplished. I could try to make some kind of excuse and say that in the interest of journalistic integrity, I don’t want to comment on something until I’ve seen it for myself. But, well let’s face it, […]

Ah, “K-Town.” I don’t know if it’s any better or worse than things like “Jersey Shore” or “Real Housewives of Whatever City,” but for some reason, none of the cable networks were at all interested in running “K-Town” in their lineups. So they’ve turned to the web and here are the first two episodes: It […]

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the Asian American reality series “K-Town” because, well, no network cable or otherwise was willing to air the show. So they’ve taken matters into their own hands and will be running it as a web series premiering on the LOUD YouTube Channel July 2. Kind of disappointed […]

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“K-Town” promises to do for Asian Americans what “The Jersey Shore” does for… um… Jersey Americans? My head hurts. Anyway, this sizzle reel is more like a sizzle preview since it hardly really shows anything except girl-on-girl grinding (awesome!) and some man junk (awesome!). Typically, a sizzle reel includes highlights from a show to give […]

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I started this comic as a response to the dearth of Asian Americans in starring roles on sitcoms. So I have mixed feelings about this K-Town show. It stars an Asian American cast that plays against stereotypical depictions of Asians in the media. The K-Town crew certainly aren’t straight laced, nerdy geeks, math wizards, violinists, […]

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