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Angry employee is angry!


I'm eventually going to record a vlog about it, but I wanted to thank everyone involved with SPX and everyone who came to the show for such an awesome weekend. It was my best show ever in the many years that I've been doing this. So thank you thank you thank you from every bit of my heart. Thank you. It's my favorite show of the year and really stokes the comic fires that burn in my soul.


Now that con season is over for me this year, I'm going to start getting my comics house in order. This means getting up a proper web shop where you can order things from me and I ship them out because that's what big boys do. I'm also going to start getting book 3 together because a number of people were asking about it. Probably going to Kick Punch that like I did with book 2.


But wait! There's more! This Saturday, Super Art Fight returns to the Ottobar! This marks my return to the Ottobar since I missed show 100. I was gutted that I missed out on the SAF prom so I've been so very looking forward to coming back for the Beach Bash. Seems like our Ottobar shows are regularly selling out so you best get your tickets now or get to the venue early on Saturday. It's going to be fucking awesome!

↓ Transcript


You forgot PNG!


Bodie reaches for the door.


I can do this.


Interior of the print shop. A bored employee sits at the desk.


Uh, hi. I’d like to order some prints.


Bodie rattles off a list of formats.


I have this in a number of formats. PDF, tiff, jpeg, pcx, layered psd, flat psd, cmyk, rgb, pantone, lab color, indexed, duotone, vector, raster, paintshop pro, corel draw, indesign, publisher, apple works, power point, MS paint.



The employee turns and scowls.


No. That’s not right.

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Impact is Back

Sep.16.14 02:21 pm

Impact returns to Super Art Fight at the Ottobar this Saturday!!!


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Jul.23.14 09:21 pm

Big shout out to Erin from Hiveworks for hooking up the new backend! Things work a little differently now. The bloggy blog will still be on the page even when you click over to make a comment on the comic. And there might be some other odds and ends that a slightly different. But overall, things should work like they have been.


Jul.23.14 02:18 am

The Hiveworks team is hard at work migrating the YP comic CMS into something less crazy then the Comicpress madness. As a result, you’ll notice a few 404′s if you click around here as well as comments missing on some posts. Those have been sucked into the new system and will be back up once we’re able to finalize the migration. Hopefully, everything will get sorted out soon.

I’ve been meaning to update the website for a while now, but the WordPress/Comicpress combo has too many pieces that I’d need to change in order to refresh everything. There are so many bits that are connected with so many other bits that it’d be like digging for gold to make the changes I want.

The new system is more streamlined which makes things easier for me and actually loads a whole lot faster which makes things easier for you! So please excuse the mess while things are a chugging.

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