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I’ve always loved hand painted lettering so I can’t help but drool while watching Glen Weisgerber do his thing.  The fluidity of his line and his absolute confidence with the brush is a joy to behold.  The tail of the “g” at the end is really fun. Certainly, this type of lettering can be done […]

LeSean Thomas’s Soul Sessions video documentary series of his time in Korea comes to an end with episode 5, “Putting it Together.” It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so glad he took us all with him. Seeing how an animated show is put together really gives me a new appreciation for some of my […]

Here’s a quick video of Kishimoto penciling and inking a Naruto pinup.  I love seeing manga-ka use the G-pen nibs.  I’ve got a few and have contemplated using them for YP.  But I think I need to draw a little bigger to get the line I’m looking for.  I have no idea what he’s saying. […]

Foreshortening is one of the biggest things I have trouble with when drawing characters.  I’ve never really come up with a good shorthand for doing it.  I just kinda fumble my way through.  But this coil technique demonstrated by Sycra is friggin’ brilliant!  Totally adding this to my arting arsenal and you should, too.

More from LeSean Thomas’s “Soul Sessions” series. In this episode, he talks about the story boarding and coloring process for the Cannon Busters animation. Aspiring colorists, pay attention. Hell, anyone using color in their work, pay attention. Coloring is so important in modern comics and animation and I’m not just saying this as a former […]