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I’ve got three more shirts up for pre-order over at Shark Robot. Got these designs in just in time for the cutoff! Pre-orders go until November 10. Love of the Worlds My whimsical take on my absolute favorite old time radio drama War of the Worlds. I had so much fun with this illustration. Haro […]

It’s Gundam Wednesday! While I thought that my Haro Chief was all kinds of cute, he would get totally squashed if he went up against this amazing Master Grade MS-06 Zaku II Master Chief conversion. *drooooool* Now I know that both the Zaku and Master Chief share military green as their base color. But I […]

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Being a Gundam and Halo fan, I just couldn’t resist. Haro Chief is available at the YP MySoti store. So if you’ve got a Covenant or Zeon problem at home, Haro Chief can help you take care of that!

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