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Grandmaster Chu kicks off the new year and a new album with this music video for “Grace (ft. Priska)” off of his “Much Love” album.  I often lament that dearth of conscious rap on the airwaves so it’s really great to hear the Grandmaster doing his thing.  “Grace” is dedicated to everyone who’s come to […]

One of the things that fascinates me about the religions of the world is that at their very base, they preach very similar things. Be nice to each other. Don’t kill each other. God is totes rad. So why does so much poisonous and divisive rhetoric come from people who claim to be the most […]

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There’s been so much in the news lately that has just broken my soul. I haven’t written anything about the Wisconsin shootings because it’s difficult to form words without lashing out against the world. But is silence really any better? Grandmaster Jason Chu doesn’t think so and shares his apology to the Sikh community.

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Grandmaster Chu returns with a tribute to the city he’s about to live. He’s heading to LA and wanted to bid a fond farewell to Beijing. “City of the North” explores the dichotomy of a city that blends the old with the new, the rich with the poor. It’s a moving tour through Beijing through […]

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Got this from Grandmaster Chu and I thought I’d just quote him: I just launched a project here in Beijing and online, and was hoping you might help get the word out. THE UNCOOL is an extended mixtape with tracks of hip-hop, pop/r&b, and spoken word poetry, all dealing with hope, healing, and brokenness. The […]

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