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It seems that Batgirl’s San Diego Comic Con questions did not fall on deaf ears. In a statement on DC Comic’s Blog, The Source, Dan Dideo and Jim Lee wrote: Over the past week we’ve heard from fans about a need for more women writers, artists and characters. We want you to know, first and […]

There’s a fascinating interview at the DC Women Kicking Ass blog with a woman who went to every DC Comics panel dressed as Batgirl to simply ask “Where are the women?” It’s more than a fair question. With DC’s September reboot, the ratio of female creators to male creators goes from 12% to 1%. Out […]

When DC Comics relaunches their universe in September with all new #1′s, a number of LGBT characters will be stepping in to the lime light. Batwoman gets her own title with The Question in tow. Apollo and Midnighter are brought into DC proper as stars of a new Stormwatch title. Voodoo, another Wildstorm Universe survivor, […]

Superman fans, actually fans of any DC comic, you have everything to fear. Without warning, DC Comics pulled the original story for Superman 712 that was to hit shelves this week and replaced it with an old Kurt Busiek Krypto story that was originally solicited four years ago. Chris Sims of Comics Alliance posits that […]