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Guns and girls!!! OH YEAAAAAAAH!


Fantom Comics recently closed their Union Station location and opened up shop right in the heart of Dupont Circle! They've got a lot more space that has a number of blank walls. And wouldn't you know it, I have experience in drawing on large surfaces. I've been commissioned to deface their stairwell.

This is what I've got so far. Flash is super excited about comics! This is at the top of the stairs leading to the shop.

Lots more red to fill in and there's more to do at the entrance. So stop by Fantom Comics to check this jammy jam in person! And please consider helping them spread the word about their new location through their Indie Gogo campaign!

↓ Transcript




Ally sulks.


Look, I can see that this is really bothering you. So first, the talkings, then the lickings.




Annie explains.


Saying I’m Republican is sort of shorthand. I don’t agree with every party talking point. But for the most part, they represent my views.


For the most part?


Annie smiles.


Well, I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, but I want the option. I also think they need to stop legislating women’s bodies. But I do believe in smaller government, self-determination, and the free market. And I love my guns.


No dialog. Ally grimaces.

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The Shameful, Shameful Blog


Jul.23.14 09:21 pm

Big shout out to Erin from Hiveworks for hooking up the new backend! Things work a little differently now. The bloggy blog will still be on the page even when you click over to make a comment on the comic. And there might be some other odds and ends that a slightly different. But overall, things should work like they have been.


Jul.23.14 02:18 am

The Hiveworks team is hard at work migrating the YP comic CMS into something less crazy then the Comicpress madness. As a result, you’ll notice a few 404′s if you click around here as well as comments missing on some posts. Those have been sucked into the new system and will be back up once we’re able to finalize the migration. Hopefully, everything will get sorted out soon.

I’ve been meaning to update the website for a while now, but the WordPress/Comicpress combo has too many pieces that I’d need to change in order to refresh everything. There are so many bits that are connected with so many other bits that it’d be like digging for gold to make the changes I want.

The new system is more streamlined which makes things easier for me and actually loads a whole lot faster which makes things easier for you! So please excuse the mess while things are a chugging.

The Many Paths to the Top of Mount Comics

Jul.16.14 12:00 am

Some thoughts on the many different ways to make money drawing pretty pictures.

Patron Wallpaper for May

Jun.12.14 11:22 pm

I've been working on this wallpaper image for my Patrons. I modeled the kitsune in Zbrush and used Mental Ray in Maya for rendering with lots of touch up in Photoshop. This was for May soI'm a little behind.

Each month, Patrons will be getting full sized wallpapers at various sizes. The resolution is high enough to print so if you want a copy for your actual wall, you can do that. So, if you're interested in that kind of thing from me, check out my Patreon page.Once you join, you get access to all the stuff inPatron-only feed so if you sign up later in the year, you can still get all the previous month's wallpapers.

Stand Alone Strips in Storyline Comics

Jun.03.14 03:05 pm

A little Q&A about writing individual strips in a storyline that could stand alone. Be sure to check out Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots ( and Noelle Stevenson's Nimona (