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Some thoughts on the many different ways to make money drawing pretty pictures.

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I had a lot of fun putting together my Mensa presentation about Asian super heroes so I figured I’d share it with more people. So here it is and the description from the program: Contrary to Tina Turner’s proclamation that beyond the Thunderdome they don’t need another hero, we who live in the Nerdome certainly […]

I inherited my love of comics from my dad. He was a huge Marvel fan and when my brother and I found his old collection of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor comics, we were hooked. It never really occurred to me as I was growing up, but as I was about college age, I noticed […]

DC’s new Alan Scott is gay and Marvel’s Northstar is marrying his long-term boyfriend, Kyle. The old Comic Book Guy skeptic in me is trying his best not to decry these events as publicity stunts to capitalize on President Obama’s message that gay marriage is okay by him (About fucking time). But…well…um…oh, fuck it. I […]

Not sure if this is the official name of the concept, but Kamen Rider Kick Hopper and Kamen Rider W help me explain the 180 degree rule, a concept used in film that can be adapted to comics.

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