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Um… so I don’t know if there’s such a thing as Asian British Awesomeness Month in the UK, but, well, this is awesome and kind of related so I’m going with it. Amanda Li Hope is a contemporary jewelry designer from Clerkenwell, London who uses fair trade gems and metals in her work. I know […]

At the tender age of eleven, Ashima Shiraishi has achieved more in the world of climbing than most climbers twice her age. She recently finished Crown of Aragorn in Heuco Tanks, a bouldering problem that’s rated V13 on a scale that goes from V0 to V16. Few female climbers have ever done a V13 and […]

It should come to little surprise to long-time readers that I am a huge fan of Yuko Ota’s work. She was the one who inspired me to pick up a brush and ink traditionally. Her characters and creatures have such wonderful expressions and great personality. Even when she draws them in a static pose, Yuko […]

I think I first saw her work in the pages of Juxtapoz magazine, and ever since that first encounter I’ve been haunted by the paintings of Sylvia Ji. Painted on large wooden panels with acrylics, her subjects are captivating and ethereal. Absolutely stunning work. Here’s a video timelapse of her process: Here’s an interview a […]

May is Asian American Awesomeness month. Alright, so officially it’s known as Asian Pacific American Awaren–and I’m already asleep. So that’s why I like to call this shit Asian American Awesomeness month! Really, I think every month, hell, every DAY is a day of Asian American Awesomeness. This year, I thought I’d spotlight Asian American […]

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