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And we're BACK IN BLACK! And white! Last minute decision on my part. The coloring style I'd want to do for this would just take entirely too long. So I'm gonna be trying out some black and white ink rendering for a bit, see how it goes.

So yes, White Flint. Man, I remember when that was the fancy mall. We have a ton of malls in our area because Montgomery County residents love to buy shit they don't use. But when I was growing up, there were two malls any one ever went to, Montgomery Mall and White Flint. Montgomery Mall was where you went to hang out at the arcade. White Flint was where you went to impress a date. Borders moved in and soon after, Dave and Busters. I spent entire summers hanging out at Dave and Busters playing Pump It Up. Because reasons.

But even in those golden days, White Flints glint was beginning to dim. When Nordstroms came to Montgomery Mall, they built an entirely new wing filled with all sorts of fancy crap. The rent started to go up and the off brand stores were pushed out by big name chains. The mall got brighter. Like literally brighter. They replaced the ceiling with a whole bunch of glass to let the light in and installed more fixtures than before so you could actually see where you were walking. As early as high school, Montgomery Mall was the place to be. And no amount of Pump It Up or skee ball could bring the money back.

White Flint is now a literal husk of itself. Just take a look at this creepy ass drone footage of what the place looks like now: 

The weirdest part of this whole thing is that there's one remaining tenant in the mall, Lord & Taylor! Why the fuck they'd want to stay in a dead mall is beyond me. So of course, I'm dedicating an arc to what I think is going on, completely fabricated by me. Any similarities to the actual situation would make me laugh my ass off.

↓ Transcript


That's no mall!




When we last left the gang, the Apocalypse Belles tribute art show nearly falls apart after a reddit post starts the rumor that a live band will be playing. Kane and Tara try their best to entertain the crowd, but the night is truly saved when the surviving members of the band take the stage for one last show. As they pack up to head over to the after party at Steak N Egg, Greg’s new girlfriend, Cecily, nervously approaches Bodie about some work. We pick up the very next day.


Bodie is driving.



Oh man, I can’t believe I’m awake. What are you guys up to?


Close up on Bodie driving.

KANE (on phone)

Ugh, I think I ate too many steak. Ally’s helping me write a formal proposal for Anna. Where are you?


Heading to that meeting with Cecily. I think she’s Greg’s new girlfriend.


Bodie smiles as he hears Kane and Ally laughing.

KANE (on phone)

Uh, is that gonna be awkward? Oh, hold on…

KANE (on the phone)

Ally says, a gig is a gig. And that Greg has good taste. Where’s the meeting?


Bodie looks at his phone and out the window. He's a little confused.


I don’t know this area that well. White Flint? Does that sound like a place?

KANE (on the phone)

Uh, are you sure?


Bodie looks at the dead husk that is White Flint mall.



I think so. Why--oh…

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