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Reader Laurie Lachapelle pointed me to this tweet by George Takei decrying the casting of the live action Steve movie. You know, that movie that Hollywood is trying to convince us is an adaption of Akira. Takei sent out a link to the Racebending petition and did an interview with The Advocate to expand on […]

These cute kids have a message for Hollywood. Please cast Asians in the live action Akira movie. While I agree with the sentiment and love the video, I’m not so sure the role model argument holds up. Our two leads, Tetsuo and Kaneda, aren’t exactly people I’d want my kids to emulate. Tetsuo has a […]

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If you hadn’t heard, Warner Bros is producing a live action Akira movie. Actually, this has been in the works for years. When we first heard rumors, they were going to change the setting from Neo Tokyo to Neo Manhattan. No word on who they were planning on casting as Tetsuo Shima or Shotaro Kaneda. […]