posted Jun.30.15 at 09:52 am

Man, July has been a mixed bag. So many horrible things and yet, we managed to end on a pretty amazing note. If you're a hippy liberal like me, you teared up like a dummy last Friday when the United States Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land. If you're not... uh... how do you put up with all my liberal crap?

SCOTUS also upheld the Affordable Care Act which is completely awsome. I cannot wait to see the WTF look on Hazel's face when I tell her that she lives in a country that used to not care if the poor got health coverage, wouldn't let her mommy and daddy marry, and at some point thought that Lawn Darts (or as I like to calle them, DEATH SPEARS) were a good idea.

There's a lot still to fix. There are still states that allow employers to fire LGBTQ employees and there's still housing discrimination. But we're getting there. It was a good week for Hope.

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