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Sometimes, I draw rock posters and play a little guitar! May 9, I’ll be joining Johnny Rockstar and Erin Surrock as At-Risk Teens to perform live with Adam Warrock! I’m stupid excited you guys! I don’t get to play often as I’d like to and I can’t think of a more exciting gig than this […]

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Sometimes, I get to draw cool things. A while back, Adam Warrock¬†(Euge) contacted me about designing a shirt for his upcoming tour which kicks off in December. My idea is this: Like sorta chibi versions of me and Jaime Lannister in like a cloak and a beard and all shitty, and he’s missing his one […]

I’ve met a lot of amazing and inspirational artists and musicians over the years. But very few of them hustle as much as Adam WarRock. Where most musicians take a year or two between major releases, Eugene dumps free tracks and mix tapes on us like a tsunami. Along with recording and mixing his own […]

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If you like comics, movies, video games, or Ron “Fucking” Swanson, you’ll fucking love Adam Warrock! I met Eugene last year through Super Art Fight. We booked him to headline our last show of 2011 and he fucking killed it! One of our best musical guest performances ever! We were lucky enough to get him […]