LeSean Thomas’s Soul Sessions video documentary series of his time in Korea comes to an end with episode 5, “Putting it Together.” It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so glad he took us all with him. Seeing how an animated show is put together really gives me a new appreciation for some of my favorite shows.  The people behind the scenes are the true heroes of animation and I’m so grateful that LeSean turned the spotlight on them and their process.

We also get a teaser of an animated sequence from LeSean’s Canon Busters. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. I. NEED. IT. NOW.

Seriously, when is that shit gonna drop?!

Thank you, LeSean, for sharing your inspirational journey.

From: LeSean Thomas

I nearly knocked down a book shelf because I was laughing so hard at the exchange with the Irish guy. Holy shit! I’ve never heard that phrase before and I just about died.

A little tutorial on tangents, what they are, why they suck, and how to avoid them.

The audio quality gets a lot better when the Photoshops happens because the mic I used is much better than the webcam mic.

Oh man, Lizzie Mae is back with a new set of questions that kind of make my brain reel. This week, we meet Emma, the runaway.

A very brief overview of henshin devices.

And here’s a link to the news about Toei streaming tokusatsu!