A little rambly, but here are some thoughts on the practicality of super hero boobs.

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I’ve never seen “Dancing With the Stars” and don’t ever plan to. But I love that Chaz Bono is the first transgender celebrity on the show. I wonder if he’s the first transgender celebrity to ever be featured on a prime time show. Of course, there are those who fear for America’s children, who fear that kids will turn transgender by seeing Chaz shake his groove thing. That’s just fucking dumb. And I was going to go into a fairly angry rant about dumb fucks, but Lewis Black (my most favorite comedian ever) has done it for me:

Source: The Daily Show

Some thoughts on spec work and how it relates to comics. And here’s that link to the No Spec site: http://www.no-spec.com/

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Got this from Grandmaster Chu and I thought I’d just quote him:

I just launched a project here in Beijing and online, and was hoping you might help get the word out. THE UNCOOL is an extended mixtape with tracks of hip-hop, pop/r&b, and spoken word poetry, all dealing with hope, healing, and brokenness. The regular version is a free download; the special edition is $5, with 3 extra songs, lyrics & commentary, and accompanying photographs. All profits from the special edition go to the Red Thread Movement, a charity that works to provide education and employment for at-risk girls and women rescued from the illegal sex trade in Nepal.

THE UNCOOL is available now at Grandmaster’s bandcamp site. The regular edition is free to stream and download, the Special Edition includes three new songs, photos, commentary, and lyrics and goes for $5. All proceeds go to the Red Thread Movement.

And here’s an interview with Chu explaining what the Red Thread Movement is and why the project is so important to him.

Source: Grandmaster Chu and Red Thread Movement

Some thoughts on how to sell things at conventions. Links:

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