A little review of the first ever Webcomics Con!

Link attack:

Mikey, http://spaghettikiss.websiteanimal.com/
Dern, http://www.dernwerks.com/HWC/
Chris, http://drmcninja.com/

And to see the final Super Art Fight from the convention, check out Hastings vs. Borkowicz!

Earlier this year, Alex Honnold was featured on the cover of National Geographic documenting his free solo climb of Half Dome and El Cap. Reader Ryan Fehr writes in with word that over the weekend, 60 Minutes also did a feature on Alex Honnold climbing Sentinel Rock.

Embedding has been disabled so you’ll have to head on over to the YouTube link. It’s an amazing segment. When you listen to Alex talk about climbing, you can see he’s on a completely different level of climbing than anyone else. It’s almost like a religion. The best part is just how amazingly humble he is about the whole thing. Here he is at the top of climbing doing things that no other human being would even dare dream of and he just shrugs. He’s already thinking about the next climb. It’s absolutely beautiful.

A little rambly, but here are some thoughts on the practicality of super hero boobs.

Here’s a link to our art show, http://deathstarartshow.tumblr.com/

I’ve never seen “Dancing With the Stars” and don’t ever plan to. But I love that Chaz Bono is the first transgender celebrity on the show. I wonder if he’s the first transgender celebrity to ever be featured on a prime time show. Of course, there are those who fear for America’s children, who fear that kids will turn transgender by seeing Chaz shake his groove thing. That’s just fucking dumb. And I was going to go into a fairly angry rant about dumb fucks, but Lewis Black (my most favorite comedian ever) has done it for me:

Source: The Daily Show

Some thoughts on spec work and how it relates to comics. And here’s that link to the No Spec site: http://www.no-spec.com/

Ross can be found here: http://systemcomic.com

Artist Editions of the book are available here: http://monstercutie.bigcartel.com/