posted May.29.15 at 07:31 am

Like the lady says, I had my nose buried in pitch land last night! Usually when I write YP, I've got beats in mind that I want to hit. How I get there is very fluid and meandering. I rarely plan too far ahead. With this book pitch, I've got to outline things which is forcing me to make some interesting decisions. I've even changed who I thought the focal character was going to be. It's taking me some time to wrap my head around it, but it's a great challenge.

This weekend is Awesome Con! I'm not going to be able to make it. Friends of ours are getting married Saturday evening so Audrey and I have to play Hazel sitting shuffle a bit. But you should totally go to Awesome Con! Here, you can listen to Fantom Comics's Esther Kim on the Kojo Nnamde Show representing comics and dropping a curse word on air! This is why we get along so well!

Super Art Fight is gonna be there in full force! Tonight, they're doing our uncensored Unleashed show at 10pm in Room 152. Saturday, they take the stage at 12:45 in the same room.

Have a great weekend, all! Back to the tippy typy for me!

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