Jim Zubkavich wears his passion for comics on his sleeve. Which makes him perfectly suited for his job as Project Manager at UDON Entertainment. But it also gives him an insatiable desire to create comics.

He got his start as a webcartoonist with Makeshift Miracle, which we will return to in a bit. Jim took off his creator owned hat to try his hand at project management. Jim joined UDON Entertainment around the same time I did. It was clear, even then, that this man had an infinite capacity for comics love. At UDON, Jim’s overseen the production of artwork for countless clients in the comics, gaming, and movie industries. He’s also done his fair share of illustration for various clients when deadlines come a calling. Along the way, he also picked up a teaching gig at Sheridan College.

Working for clients like Marvel, DC, and Capcom is certainly a comic geek’s wet dream. But Jim started out doing his own thing so it came as no great surprise when, last June, he launched his creator owned fantasy project, Skullkickers, with Image (he hardcover edition of Volume 1 is now on sale. If you love fantasy comics that aren’t bogged down by overlycomplex bullshit, Skullkickers is for you).

In the world of comics, you can always go home. This past September, Jim returned to Makeshift Miracle, relaunching it once again as a web comic in collaboration with artist Shun Hong Chan. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Now if you’ve just heard of Makeshift Miracle and are worried about adding yet another comic to your webcomics list, have no fear. Jim has prepared a nice little torrent of chapter 1 that will get you all caught up in an easily digested, 22 page, PDF or CBR file. Grab the torrent, share it far and wide with all of your comic friends.

And keep an eye out for Jim Zub. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

To follow up from last week’s post, here’s a short piece MSNBC did about the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony honoring Japanese American World War II veterans. My grand uncle served in the MIS, military intelligence. Before the war, he owned a rather sizable farm. He asked a neighbor to look after it when he was sent away to the internment camps. The neighbor agreed and said he would return the farm to my uncle when the war was over. My uncle enlisted and served his country. And when he returned home, his neighbor conveniently forgot his promise to my uncle and kept the farm. Despite that, I’ve never heard him utter a single begrudging word against this country that he loves so dearly. It must have been such a great feeling to be so honored last week.

At around the 2:13 mark in the video, you can see my grand uncle on the right in the wheel chair being wheeled around by his daughter. Pretty fun to see him on TV.

Source: MSNBC

Kamen Rider sessions begin with the one who started it all, ICHIGO! Once I figured out what the shit I wanted to do, this one turned out to be a lot of fun.

This is my interpretation of Ichigo escaping Shocker after he broke free from their mind control.

Oh, and that horrible music? Sadly, that’s me. I recorded an instrumental version of “Let’s Go! Rider Kick!”

And here’s the final product:

Kamen Rider Sessions – Ichigo

Alright, enough bullshit about crap rappers. This is an old track, but ‘ere’s Roll Deep with “When I’m ‘Ere.” Right proper, fam!

Because I apparently hate myself, I did a little more digging into the Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob. Turns out Kreay Kreay’s been getting heat not necessarily because she’s a lil’ white girl rapper, but because her “sister” V-Nasty has a habit of dropping the N-Bomb. Observe. Or don’t if you don’t want your ears to bleed.

Oh boy.

My brain hurts a lot so I’ll just let Haterazzi speak on it.