Awww, cheer up Hitler.

Holy crap, if phones actually worked like that there’d be a lot of ex-telemarketers. Part 3 of Danger 5, The Diamond Girls is just as amazing as it sounds!

According to Modernist Cuisine, a six-volume cooking book set full of modern takes on culinary favorites, it takes 36 hours to create the ULTIMATE BURGER (emphasis mine because when it’s ultimate, it must be written IN ALL CAPS). If the recipes in the series are like this burger recipe, these are weekend projects for the eater who has a lot of time and possibly money on their hands. Although, some of the techniques described sound like they can be adapted for less intensive cooking. Keeping the squiggles of beef parallel, wrapping them up in plastic wrap, and then slicing them into paddies is something that anyone can do if they get their beef from the butcher.

I would love to some day try one of these ULTIMATE BURGERS, but I don’t know when I’d have the time to prepare one.

From: Modernist Cuisine

I’ve installed a new comment system on the site. I don’t really like the default wordpress style comment system. Disqus has a lot of features that I like right out of the box without having to code up too much crapola. So we’ll see how it goes for now.

My friend Greg (no relation to Ally’s Greg) sent along this amazing video artist Miguel Endara drawing a portrait of his father. I love that more and more artists are shooting video of their work. It’s great to see the process. To me, this really enforces the idea that it’s the hands, not the tools, that make great art.

Source: Miguel Endara

If Kaneda’s bar is anything like the Full Throttle Saloon, well damn, I think we might actually see some bikes in this damn movie.