This one is a bit rambly, but if you’ve got a half hour to kill, here are some of my thoughts on marketing your webcomic. I cover things that just take time for you to do and some things that might take some money.


Tried to get this as Tezuka as possible. Still getting the hang of Zbrush, but I had a lot of fun with this bust.

And here’s a timelapse thingy:


More Zbrush sketching! And here’s a timelapse:

Super Art Fight returns to the Black Cat, May 17! Tickets are on sale now!

Another one of my patent pending lists! There are three “M’s” in webcomics, Make ‘Em, Market ‘Em, Monetize ‘Em. Today, we’ll start with the first M, Make Em!

It’s basically “Fuckin’ Do It” but with more words.