Someone on my channel was asking how I write the comic so here’s a little bit of insight into my totally backwards process.

Here are my brief thoughts on the cast announcement for the new Star Wars trilogy.

My final vlog about the 3 M’s of webcomics! This time, I cover some ideas for monetizing. Also, I give a shout out to the crew and their Backer platform. Definitely check it out if you’re looking to get started with crowd funding!

As if I needed more things to work on. This is a personal project that I’m starting to sort of give myself a focus when trying out new techniques to improve my work. I’m doing a reimagining of the first Kamen Rider series if it starred a lady.

Kicking things off with helmet design which is probably a bad idea as far as character design goes, but I feel that a Rider’s personality comes from the helmet. So here goes!

Half a Harggy

These are exciting times for the Nomlings! No comic updates, sadly, but click over to see what’s going on!