posted Jul.24.15 at 12:41 am

Erin from Moonshine Media and I are working on a clothing line and we're debuting some new shirts at the 9th annual Maryland Independent Label Festival, Saturday July 25! Erin will be there selling all the things from noon until she drops from exhaustion.

I'll be recovering from tonight's Super Art Fight appearance at the Creative Society for our first non-convetion Art Fight Unleashed show! Unleashed is our 18+ show. Instead of submissions from our audience, we use topics from Cards Against Humanity to inspire our insanity. It's also more mural style than competition so you'll see what we can actually do when we take our time. We usually do this at conventions that offer up 18+ events so it's really exciting to try it for a more general audience. As an added bonus, we'll be sharing the stage with Bawdy Shop Burlesque!

So if you've got the time, you can hang out with me tonight at the Creative Society and Erin tomorrow at MILFest!


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Shout out to Phil Chan of Digital Pimp for hooking me up with table space!


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