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I couldn’t track down a YouTube version so I apologize if some readers can’t view this. Stupid region restrictions. Anyway, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live regularly so I missed this sketch when it aired over the weekend, but it’s pretty scary accurate. They must have gone to Otakon at some point because you see […]

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I won’t be able to stream any art tonight because I’ve got other plans. Actually, I haven’t been able to shoot anything this week since it’s been so busy, but I do have a new shirt up at Shark Robot. Little known fact, Tony Stark is a Master Chef! Shirt is on pre-order until November […]

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Readers Laurie Lachapelle Dave Caceres sent me the soul crushing news that Warner Bros. has officially greenlit their ill-conceived live action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. They’re going in with a $90 million budget which seems a bit light considering that this is probably an effects show. And just in case you thought they were […]

I’m not sure what the RSA is but this animated adaptation of Dan Pink’s RSA talk about motivation is really inspiring. Thinking about his points in the context of comicking really brings to light a couple of things: Very few people get into comics because of the monetary reward. Even the most successful and passionate […]

Dave Anderson of Spandexless posted an interesting discussion about perceptions of minorities and how they shape minority characters in popular media. He makes some really insightful points that beautifully articulate some things that I’ve had trouble putting in to words. Check out the piece and join the discussion over at Spandexless. Source: Spandexless