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It’s Double Typhoon time! Kamen Rider V3! Didn’t have time to record any new jams so this is the same track for the Nigo session. Not sure if I’m going to do Rider Man next or just get on with Kamen Rider X. Rider Man never had his own show and although V3 considers him […]

I totally forgot, but tonight I’ll be part of my very first Google+ webcast with Indie Aisle to help celebrate their 1-year anniversary. They’re the fine folks who did all the digital conversions for me for my book. We’ll be talking digital publishing strategies and indie authoring. Should be a lot of fun. I think […]

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There are people who have big dreams and are content to leave them floating in the ether. And then there are those who grab those dreams in a fucking head lock and drag them kicking and screaming into reality. LeSean Thomas is one of the later. I’ve been following his career since his big break […]

Congress is considering two bills that will dramatically change the internet, the so-called PROTECT-IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). If passed, they will give the government the power to shut off access to sites that serve copyrighted material. And who gets to determine what sites get shut off? The copyright holders which […]

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Normally over at Angry Zen Master, Wednesdays are pretty awesome. Every Wednesday is Gundam Wednesday when I dig up Gundam related news which, even when it’s not Universal Century related, is always awesome. But there are just days when something so horrible occurs that I must put aside the awesome to comment on the suck. […]