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Congress is considering two bills that will dramatically change the internet, the so-called PROTECT-IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). If passed, they will give the government the power to shut off access to sites that serve copyrighted material. And who gets to determine what sites get shut off? The copyright holders which […]

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Normally over at Angry Zen Master, Wednesdays are pretty awesome. Every Wednesday is Gundam Wednesday when I dig up Gundam related news which, even when it’s not Universal Century related, is always awesome. But there are just days when something so horrible occurs that I must put aside the awesome to comment on the suck. […]

There’s no big secret to breaking in to the comics social scene, but here are some ideas to get you started. And here’s Book 1 of Erfworld which was written by Rob Balder and drawn by me, the direct result of getting in to the comics social scene:

I’m not entirely certain how this happened, but the fact that it happened and was recorded means that you can now ask your friends if they saw the old folks Chinese choir sing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and then show them this video and watch their faces as their brains implode. Thank you internet!

Reader Brian Lee sent along this music video for Decipher’s “Angry Asian Man.” The video does a wonderful job of capturing the feeling of isolation that I think speaks to anyone who grew up as an outsider. You can check out more of Decipher’s music at his Band Camp site, download the song, and buy […]