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DeviantArtist Akreon painted this beautiful watercolor Totoro commission in eight hours. Fortunately, she remembered to record the process for us to all drool over.

I never really know how to respond to racial slurs. In the moment, I just get so angry. I have some ideas on how I’d like to respond, but usually, I end up saying and doing nothing. How do you respond to racial Slurs? Here’s the link to Justin Tse’s blog post that inspired the […]

The amazing Rinpa Eshidan crew returns with a very unusual project, the FT-86 Fastest Painted Website. To celebrate the launch of Toyota’s new FT-86, the Rinpa Eshidan crew painted a live mural in Shinjuku which was turned into a web site in real time. The painting started on November 20 and ended November 26. Though […]

Apparently, William Shatner and Carrie Fisher have rekindled the burning, fiery debate between Star Trek and Star Wars fans over which franchise reigns space supreme. Being the awesome person that he is, George Takei has issued this plea for peace between Star Folk and brings word of a sparkly challenger that threatens us all. George […]

My man Jason Chu recorded an acapella review of the year 2011 on the street of Beijing. Lot of fun Asian American news that I wasn’t previously aware of throughout the year. Thanks, Jason! From: Jason Chu

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