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Red Tails opened this weekend at number two bringing in a very respectable $19.1M. George Lucas has been trying to make this movie for the past twenty-three years and finally got so tired of the studios rejecting the idea because the cast was predominantly Black that he put up his own money. He paid for […]

The January 18th protest against SOPA and PIPA was awe inspiring. I was especially heartened to see so many web cartoonists joining in the fight. But one single day isn’t enough to make Congress listen to us. We have to keep the pressure up. Sopa Strike has a tool that will let you send a […]

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My very rambly thoughts on the new internet cartoon category in the Natuonal Cartooning Society awards and awards in general. And I’ve now probably made it impossible for me to ever win anything ever. Ah well.

Reader Mark Williams linked me to a number of good posts about the somewhat implausible poses that artists sometime use to depict women in fantasy novel covers and comic books. Young adult fantasy author Jim Hines wasn’t entirely satisfied with the way his characters were portrayed on the covers of his novels. He decided to […]

When I first saw the trailer for Red Tails, I thought, “It’s about damn time.” There have been two films about the 442nd. Why haven’t we had a major motion picture about the Tuskegee Airmen? And then my friend Dern and reader Kwadwo Amo-Mensah sent me this clip of George Lucas talking about the film […]