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Being neither a black nor a white girl, I have no personal experience with this phenomenon so I can’t really comment as to its accuracy or frequency of occurrence. But chances are, if you have to preface what you are about to say with “Not to sound racist…” chances are you’re about to sound racist. […]

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You don’t need a fancy LCD tablet or an expensive brush to create art. Sometimes, all you need is brown packaging tape. Using only strips of brown packaging tape and a blade, Max Zorn some amazingly detailed works that are revealed when held up to light. He’s posted his works on lamps and windows throughout […]

Found this tidbit from Fleen. Penny Arcade’s business man, Robert Khoo, answered a few questions from the reddit community about the business of Penny Arcade. You can almost hear the joy in his answers. It’s clear that he loves what he does. The one answer that really stood out for me was this: And this […]

A little review of some of the rapidographs I use to letter. I can’t really recommend rapidographs for the casual comicker because they’re so expensive, but if you’re looking for an excellent lettering tool, nothing beats the consistency of a rapidograph. A technical note, the audio may sound a bit shouty. Trying a new microphone […]

Paul Christoforo has had the worst week of his life. And he fucking well deserved it. Here’s the short version. Paul Christoforo was a marketing “genius” hired to promote the Avenger controller, a gaming peripheral that benefits disabled gamers. When a customer asked about shipping delays, Christoforo puffed up his chest and insulted the customer […]