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Some Asians have the amazing ability to determine the flavor of another Asian. Sadly, I lack this power.

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One of the last projects I worked on as a multimedia contractor at NASA was a space trivia game. We thought it would be fun to develop something a little more interactive than the features we were publishing on and a facebook game seemed like the perfect thing. We mocked up some designs and […]

If you weren’t able to catch the live stream of Super Art Fight last Friday from Macworld iWorld, we’ve got the full video! Big, super, gigantic thanks to Macworld’s Serenity Caldwell who hooked us up with the gig and our first ever digital Super Art Fight! And a big shout out to Jonathan Marinaro who […]

I’m kind of getting sick of all the “Shit [insert someone] Say” videos out there and was going to cut together my own version of me just yelling “FUCK” really loudly at the camera. But then I remembered the best scene in “The Wire” where they pretty much do it for me. Warning, there are […]

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Red Tails opened this weekend at number two bringing in a very respectable $19.1M. George Lucas has been trying to make this movie for the past twenty-three years and finally got so tired of the studios rejecting the idea because the cast was predominantly Black that he put up his own money. He paid for […]