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It’s the Ask A Slave Christmas Special!  Man, even during the holidays, the lack of empathy that some people have is truly astounding. I’ve been tickled to death watching how far Ask A Slave has spread and how much the show has resonated with people.  Azie’s biting satire expertly gets her point across without beating […]

Kamen Rider Kuuga is one of my favorite Riders so I thought I’d make a little thing paying tribute to all of his forms.  I loved that each form had a unique fighting style.  Form changes are sort of par for the course in the Heisei era, but other than a color and armor change, […]

Since we did the 21 questions Asian People are sick of answering, I thought it’d be fun to come up with 21 questions Asian People would LOOOOOOVE to answer. So here goes (feel free to answer along with me even if you’re not Asian): 21. How was your weekend? 20. How do you like your […]

Could Tom Cruise’s latest action flick be an adventure in White Washing?

I took a look at Buzz Feed’s “21 Questions Asian People Are Sick of Answering” and gave my thoughts.