International man of mystery and badassitude Steven Ho will go head to head with Conan O’Brian on Wednesday night’s Conan for round six of their Hollywood stunt battles. If you’ve missed the last five, here’s a highlight reel:

I swear, there’s gotta be a short film in all this somewhere. Conan airs on TBS every night 11pm EST, 10pm CST.

On a very special episode of Glee this week (not so special), we were introduced to the concept of the “Asian F.” Really? Reeeeeeally? Here are my thoughts.

Is hate speech protected as free speech? Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon seems to think so.

Last Wednesday, a woman living in West Akers Hall found the phrase “No Niggers Please” written on her door’s white board. Days later, another racial slur was written on a Butterfield Hall wall. A black doll hanging by its neck was found in the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building. No suspects have been identified, but MSU police are investigating.

To assure the student body that hate speech will not be tolerated on the campus of MSU, President Lou Anna K. Simon sent out an email this past Tuesday:

We hope that… students will learn how to balance their rights of free speech with the chilling effects it has on others. The question is how we together as members of this learning community can make it better for everyone.

Um… what?

Lady, I’m as liberal as the next hippie, but this shit isn’t a “teaching” moment. Hate speech is wrong. The fuckers who committed these acts knew they were wrong. They meant to intimidate and scare black students. This must not be tolerated by MSU.

The Black Student Alliance held a Stop Racism town hall meeting last night where students of all ethnic backgrounds gathered to voice their concerns with racism on campus. Apparently, incidents like the ones last week are not uncommon. But because of widespread use of social media, they are getting more and more attention.

Since the suspects have not yet been identified, it’s too early to tell what the University’s real response will be.

So here’s the real question. Is hate speech protected under freedom of speech? If we outlaw hate speech, is that the start of a slippery slope which will ultimately result in thought police and language control? Or is hate speech just plain wrong?

Source: The State News

A little review of the first ever Webcomics Con!

Link attack:


And to see the final Super Art Fight from the convention, check out Hastings vs. Borkowicz!

Earlier this year, Alex Honnold was featured on the cover of National Geographic documenting his free solo climb of Half Dome and El Cap. Reader Ryan Fehr writes in with word that over the weekend, 60 Minutes also did a feature on Alex Honnold climbing Sentinel Rock.

Embedding has been disabled so you’ll have to head on over to the YouTube link. It’s an amazing segment. When you listen to Alex talk about climbing, you can see he’s on a completely different level of climbing than anyone else. It’s almost like a religion. The best part is just how amazingly humble he is about the whole thing. Here he is at the top of climbing doing things that no other human being would even dare dream of and he just shrugs. He’s already thinking about the next climb. It’s absolutely beautiful.