Dec.09.11 at 08:36 am

My mind was absolutely blown when I learned that everything in this trailer, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING, is CG. From the description:

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote about an experiment which had to do with Artificial Inteligence. In a near future, man will have given birth to machines that are able to rewrite their codes, to improve themselves, and, why not, to dispense with them. This idea sounded a little bit distant to some critic voices, so an experiment was to be done: keep the AI sealed in a box from which it could not get out except by one mean: convincing a human guardian to let it out.

What if, as Yudkowsky states, "Humans are not secure"? Could we chess match our best creation to grant our own survival? Would man be humble enough to accept he was superseded, to look for primitive ways to find himself back, to cure himself from a disease thatís on his own genes? How to capture a force we voluntarily set free? What if mankind worst enemy were humans?

In a near future, we will cease to be the dominant race.

In a near future, we will learn to fear what is to come.

From: K3LOID
Dec.09.11 at 08:29 am

AZM Ally Elliot Fox sent along this amazingly tense animated short. From the description:

A guy is traveling in a late night Mumbai local train. The bogie is empty except for a few sleepy passengers . A man with a briefcase boards the train at a station and decides to sit directly in front of him...

There's no dialog, but the tension that builds throughout the short had me on the edge of my seat. It's wonderful work. Amazing what you can achieve with some well animated facial expressions.

From: Paranoia - The Animated Short Film
Dec.08.11 at 10:18 am

It's clear to me that Toei thinks I spend too much money on pants.

AZM Ally David Caceres sends word that Super Hero Taisen will premier during the 2012 Golden Week celebration (April 29-May 5) which will feature every single Kamen Rider and Sentai Ranger ever created. That's over 40 Riders and over 200 Rangers all in one pants exploding movie.

No word on plot details, but we have confirmation that Masahiro Inoue will reprise his role as Kamen Rider Decade's Tsukasa Kadoya. This is a good way to bridge the Sentai and Rider universe's as Decade teamed up with the Shinkengers to defeat a Gedoushu who had stolen the Diend driver. Tsukasa opened the path between those worlds. Of course, continuity doesn't count for shit in Rider or Sentai films, but it's nice to think that they've established a portal in a previous series. And honestly, I want to see Decade get used as more than just a background Rider. I kinda feel he's been terribly underused in the current string of All Rider films. I really hate that Den-O gets more screen time than him.

While I'm finding it hard to stay conscious with all the blood currently rushing to my loins, the fact that we've got over 240 costumed heroes to see means that unless this movie is five hours long, some of my favorites will not be getting much screen time. Kuuga is arguably one of the most powerful Riders ever. His Ultimate form could destroy the entire world with a finishing move. But I fear he will be just one of those background Riders that gets to punch one or two baddies before the camera pans away. I also fear that as a secondary Rider, Accel will get less time than Rider Man who is also a secondary Rider but seems to get a lot of attention because he's Showa Era.

Still, I cannot deny that I will be very sad that I won't be in Japan during Golden Week to witness the awesomeness in a theater. I'll have to wait for it to drop on DVD so that the fansubbers can grab it. Seriously, this is tokusatsu fan's wet dream!!!

From: Alafista and Henshin Justice
Dec.07.11 at 11:12 pm

For one week in September of this year, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School founder Molly Crabapple locked herself in a New York hotel room, covered the walls with paper, and proceeded to draw 270 feet of art. The project was funded through Kickstarter.

This is such an amazing idea which totally responds to a basic desire of all artists, to just draw all over the walls! I'm so impressed that she was able to make it happen. Kinda makes me want to just cover my walls with paper and draw all over them and then recover the walls and just keep going and going and going.
Dec.07.11 at 12:14 pm

Apparently, there's a new trend among Asian students who feel compelled to hide their Asianness when applying to college because admission officials expect more from Asian students. I don't know why this kind of demographic information is being collected for college applications, but it needs to stop.

Here's the article that I'm talking about:
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