I’m not sure what the RSA is but this animated adaptation of Dan Pink’s RSA talk about motivation is really inspiring. Thinking about his points in the context of comicking really brings to light a couple of things:

  1. Very few people get into comics because of the monetary reward.
  2. Even the most successful and passionate comickers would probably be creating comics if there was no money involved.
  3. For those of us who do comics, it’s the work that matters the most.
  4. Still, it would be nice to make enough to not have to worry about the money.

There’s more to ponder and think about, but those are the first four major thoughts that came to mind after watching this. Take a gander and let me know how you think this applies to comickers and the arts in general.

Source: RSA

Dave Anderson of Spandexless posted an interesting discussion about perceptions of minorities and how they shape minority characters in popular media. He makes some really insightful points that beautifully articulate some things that I’ve had trouble putting in to words. Check out the piece and join the discussion over at Spandexless.

Source: Spandexless

I tried to livestream last night but technology and the weather conspired against me. So I recorded a non-streaming session and uploaded the timelapse of what I was planning on sketching. Also messing with a new coloring style which I may or may not continue to pursue.

There’s no audio so please provide your own tasty jams.

David Anderson, who I met at Webcomics Weekend up in Connecticut, wrote a very nice review of the comic over at Spandexless. I really hope he doesn’t ever try to track down the AZM comics. Those were utter shit. You shouldn’t either, for that matter!

I don’t know how to react to reviews because, well, it doesn’t happen that often. It’s pretty exciting to hear how other people react to my work. The danger, of course, is letting those reactions shape what I do in the future. At this point, I don’t have to worry too much about that since I’ve only seen a handful of reviews of YP. But it is something that I’ve seen creators struggle with to varying degrees of success.

Thank you for the review, David! Spandexless seems like a pretty rad site spotlighting comics that don’t get covered by the comics media. I have a feeling I’ll be discovering more stuff I like through them.

Some thoughts on a potential market that I had never considered before.


Thor, the Mighty Avenger
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– Book 2, http://yllwprl.com/r7x2kV

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