I took a look at Buzz Feed’s “21 Questions Asian People Are Sick of Answering” and gave my thoughts.  Some of them are indeed cringe worthy.  Some, not so much.  Oh, and here’s the list:


Do you want to draw more better? From the insane mind that brought you “Fuckin’ Do It” comes the 3-step, fool proof method for betterness!

STEP 1: Draw everyday
STEP 2: Draw shit you hate to draw
STEP 3: Don’t get discouraged when you compare your work to others

Rinse and repeat!

And check out the MorningClops (I called it the wrong thing in the video):

Lizzie Mae breaks one of the oldest rules in entertainment and takes some questions from the kids.  And it’s absolutely adorable!

Lizzie Mae and Red Jacket answer questions about Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard since Azie started the series. The looks Lizzie and Red Jacket give each other are freaking priceless!



NHK got an exclusive look at the samurai manga Hayao Miyazaki is working on in his so-called retirement and HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE DETAIL!  Every frame is packed to the borders with gloriousness.  The watercolors are so vibrant.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Still no word on what it’s called or when it’s coming out, but holy hell, this is amazing.  Crunchy Roll has more screen shots which are equally breath taking.

From: Crunchy Roll