Jul.06.16 at 08:55 pm

It's time for Lesson 2! Today we'll be going over the 180 degree rule and "Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work."

And here's a link to the actual list:

Jun.29.16 at 09:06 pm

It's time for Lesson 1! Let's talk about page layout and panels!

Jun.21.16 at 10:28 pm

I applied to teach a summer course on comics at the local community college. Didn't get the gig. So I said, "Fuck it! I got a channel. I'ma do that shit on here!" So here we go!

May.13.16 at 07:04 pm

Some thoughts on making that dank loot off of your art!

Jan.20.16 at 07:26 pm

It's time to throw some colors on that weird ass owl hat thing!

And if you're looking for the best flatting plug-in for photoshop, here it is!

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