Another one of my patent pending lists! There are three “M’s” in webcomics, Make ‘Em, Market ‘Em, Monetize ‘Em. Today, we’ll start with the first M, Make Em!

It’s basically “Fuckin’ Do It” but with more words.

I’m starting to dust off my 3D skills which weren’t all that great to begin with. But I’m having a lot of fun.

I’m working on a self portrait kind of thing and I recorded a time lapse of the mess last night. If you’ve a half hour to kill, take a lookie.



Which is all based on this silly sketch:



And here’s the timelapse!

A quick update on what’s been going with my life that’s been keeping me away from my YouTube channel.

Please give some love to Bryan Prindiville and his wonderful comic, Bedlam Court!


Sometimes, I draw rock posters and play a little guitar! May 9, I’ll be joining Johnny Rockstar and Erin Surrock as At-Risk Teens to perform live with Adam Warrock! I’m stupid excited you guys!

I don’t get to play often as I’d like to and I can’t think of a more exciting gig than this one. I’m a big fan of Euge’s work so to share the stage with him is a great honor. So mark your calendars, Google map Baltimore’s Sidebar, and skip that latte so you have $10 to get your tickets!


My scanner just died. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get a new one. Hopefully late today, but if I am unable to get one sometime this week, I won’t be able to update the comic. Sooooooo FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!

UPDATE: Alrighty, new scanner is on its way. I’ve got one guest strip so I’ll run that tomorrow and then pick things back up on Friday. BLAHHLGHEHLESLGANKJEGEE

UPDATE 2: Thanks to The Larom, comics are saved! He brought over a scanner he wasn’t using! HURRAY!