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  • Comics
    • Case of the Mondays
      Mondays are always particularly bad for office monkeys. For Kane, they are doubly so.
    • Commuting Connections
      Very few people actually enjoy their commutes to work. Some deal with it better than others.
    • Dress to Impress
      Ah, the workplace dress code. The untold secret of success. Actually, everyone knows that shit.
    • Origins
      Julie and Bodie reveal a little about themselves.
    • After Hours
      What happens when you leave a disgruntled designer and a newbie project manager alone together after work?
    • Into the Frying Pan
      Woks at the ready! Ish is about to hit the frying pan!
    • The Cavalry
      Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends.
    • The First Date
      This is it. The day of Bodie and Julie's first date. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
      Settling in for a rather dull evening to himself, Kane receives a guest who throws his whole weekend into chaos.
    • Morning Confessions
      Bodie and Julie talk past dating history.
    • Into the Biz
      A chance early morning conversation with Lance leads Kane to an important decision.
    • Encounter at Lunchtime
      An innocent lunchtime conversation has unintended consequences.
    • Deceptions
      Is anyone really their true selves at work? Nothing is as it seems in the halls of Pedanticorp.
    • Don't Be Jealous of My Boogie
      Deceptions Part 2 starts off with the gang getting a new assignment.
    • Consequences
      The commercial for Star Crossed has been shot and is about to be launched. Will fate smile on our heroes or serve up a big old keg of hurt?
    • Plans
      As the gang ponders their theoretically impending termination, they make plans for their future.
    • The Wall
      The gang head to the climbing gym to fight off their food comas.
    • Competition
      Relationships are challenged as the gang discusses changing Lance's site into a sort of porn competition show.
    • Facing the Music
      The gang returns to work after the weekend that their ad aired to face the consequences.
    • Two Weeks
      The gang contemplates life after Pedanticorp.
    • Plan B
      The gang tries to recover after getting the news that they may have to hold off on starting their business.
    • The New Deal
      Ally, Kane, and Bodie explore new options.
    • The Nightshift
      While Tara and Kane are stuck at Tara's office, Lance gets a late night call that threatens to open an old wound.
    • In Memoriam
      Lance, Kane, and Tara remember Miss Jessy.
    • Research
      The gang begins researching their new venture.
    • Relapse
      Lance is having trouble dealing with the loss of Miss Jessy. Will he turn to an old crutch?
    • The Call
      The gang gets a surprising call from an unexpected potential client. Will they take the gig?
    • Case Study
      The gang tries to figure out a way to save Steve from claims that he's racist.
    • Combative Cooking
      Julie gets started on filming her web cooking show.
    • Apprenticeship
      Kane gets some life lessons from one of his heroes.
    • Divided Attention
      With new marching orders from his favorite artist, Kane must balance starting a new business with starting an art career.
    • Lost Liason
      An unexpected phone call sends Ally on an unexpected journey.
    • A Big One
      The gang lands a potentially huge gig. But there's a price.
    • War Stories
      Tara and Lance exchange old dating stories.
    • Hotelecommuting
      The gang search for a place to work and end up in a terribly inconvenient place.
    • Dumpling Days
      Julie creates a new holiday.
    • Apocalypse Belles
      Lance and Kane discover a secret from Miss Jessy's past.
    • Ask the Cast
      The cast of YP answers your deepest, darkest questions.
    • A Dream Worth Setting Free
      Greg makes a tough decision.
    • Moving On
      Annie helps Allie move on.
    • Regroup
      After a major client loss but a successful Dumpling Day, the gang regroups to figure out their next move.
    • Counteroffer
      The gang comes up with a counteroffer to Killer Queen's strong opener.
    • Back to the Grind
      With the decision made, the team gets back to work to try to drum up more business.
    • Black Spoon
      Julie receives a mysterious invitation.
    • 47 Bronin
      To know the story of the 47 Bronin is to know Broshido! A well-researched filler arc while we go have a baby.
    • Guest Strips
      It doesn't happen often, but here are guesties!
    • Food Fight
      Julie and crew face the Demon Spoons.