Tara’s First Tattoo [Comic]

Getting the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend tatted on your body can be tricky.  What happens if you break up?  There are even some people who have a superstition about it who believe that the minute you get a name in ink, the relationship is bound to end.

I don’t know.  At least you’ll have that memory of a time when you loved someone so much that you wanted to show the world. Literally.  No matter how things ended, that’s gotta count for something, right?  Heh, listen to me.  If I got a tat of my ex-wife’s name, that shit would be covered with a giant demon skull or something.


Reading, PA, here I come!  I’ll be up at Super Show this weekend with a whole mess of other cartoonists including Danielle Corsetto, Dani O’Brien and Bill Ellis, and Ross Nover. Whenever you see Ross, you should go up to him and give a fist bump while saying “BABOOM.”  It’s his new catch phrase which he loves.

If you’re in the area, I see you there!  And if not, then maybe I’ll see you later this month.  In Chicago.  OH YEAH!

↓ Transcript


At least it's a short name.


Tara and Willem face off.

TARA (Caption)

Willem had fiery hair and a temper to match. A right fierce competitor, that one.


Tara and Willem embrace in a kiss.

TARA (Caption)

Rivalry turned into friendship turned into, well…


Tara and Willem stand on a hotel balcony.

TARA (Caption)

Things moved pretty fast. Training together. Driving out to competitions. Staying in hotels in different cities.


Tara shows off her new "Willy" tattoo.


Our relationship was fairly competitive. So, of course, I went a little, erm, daft.

  • Undrave

    In that first panel… are they about to have a fried rice duel?!

  • Garfunkel

    At least with a name like “Willy” she can pretend it’s just a dick joke.

  • j0frenzy

    My friend started writing a comic about a band ages ago that never got off the ground for teenager reasons, but one of the characters’ arms were just tattoos of various girl friends, all crossed out. I mad a joke of never keeping the names consistent.

  • http://blog.punman.net/ punman

    Far better to get a tattoo of something you and your SO both love, together. It’s not quite putting their name on your body, but instead memories of things you share together: the love of something and the experience of getting the tattoo together.

    Yes, speaking from experience. :)

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • Undrave

    HA! I win again!

    You forgot to include the little DenLiner flag though :p

  • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi


  • Rarar

    Oh, God, she got ‘Willy tattooed on her arm.

    ‘Willy’ is slang for penis in England.