Finally, an elimination without Katie!  It’s Lexxy vs Tavis on the battlefield of broken comics.  Their mashup topics, the areola and circus.  *groan*

This is the third elimination and I find the banter between the Strippers and Jerry and Mike to be the least interesting aspect of them.  It’s their show so I suppose it makes sense to have them in it, but their banter during the drawing is really annoying.  And we still don’t get to see enough of the Stripper actually drawing.  It’s a show about cartooning!  Let us see them draw!

However, seeing them struggle over who to choose to send home was the best part of the episode.  Lexxy and Tavis both brought it and Mike didn’t want to send either of them home.  At one point, they have to turn the cameras off and Robert has to talk Mike down from the ledge.  But since this is competition, someone’s gotta go home.

Mike visibly feels like shit about the decision.

Up until this point, I’ve been begrudgingly watching this show.  And I’m not sure I’m going to last through twenty more of these fucking things.  But this was the best episode of the bunch thus far.  Seeing real emotions out of our hosts instead of their usual, detached snark was a nice change.

  • Chibby

    I agree. I understand their desire to be a real part of the show, but we can have the banter whilst focussing on the drawing, I feel. What you said about the real emotions was my thought exactly, and I hope we get to see more epic elimination exchanges.

  • fluffy

    I think they made the wrong decision, on top of that. Tavis’s comic wasn’t that funny, and it just seemed like Hi, I’m a comic on the Internet! Lexxy’s was legitimately hilarious and thought-provoking and clever and beautifully-illustrated and for them to send her home was a real tragedy.

    Oh well, at least she got the sweet Cintiq HD, and the hosts were pretty enthusiastic about finding some reason to hire her anyway. Which also just shows how stupidly fake the concept of this show is.

    If Mike and Jerry end up having to actually be REAL HUMAN BEINGS for the rest of it I’ll actually enjoy watching it.