Remember when I asked you guys which YP daruma was your favorite?  Now I can reveal why!  Next Monday, April 1, my very first resin sandstone (WHOA) collectible from ShouldBee goes on sale at 9PM EST!  Kitsuneruma retails for $30.  Each piece stands 2 inches tall and is manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology.  The first 25 orders will receive a limited edition signed piece of art from me!  If you want to get the product page 4 hours before we release it to the world, sign up here.

I’m super excited!  I’ve wanted toys of these little dudes for a while so it’s great to finally get one out.  If this does well, hopefully more will be on the way.  And if you have an idea for a toy, head on over to ShouldBee and give it a try.

Kits10 Kits2 Kits21

  • Kelsey

    That is super awesome!!

  • Kyle Wright

    This will be mine!

  • EB

    April 1? Is this some sort of cruel prank?

  • Jamie Noguchi

    HAH! I just realized that! So appropriate for the kitsune. But no, it’s not a joke. It’s for serious!

  • Navi G.

    I wonder how we find out if we were one of the first 25… I ordered within 20 minutes of getting the email….